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Is This Video Of TESTAMENT Fans Rocking Out on a NYC Subway Awesome or Cringeworthy?

Is the subway an appropriate place for a headbanging session?

Is the subway an appropriate place for a headbanging session?

The NYC Subway is where you can really get to know your fellow New Yorker. You can see them sleeping, clipping their nails or giving you SHOW TIME! Ultimately, it should be a place where people keep to themselves as everybody is trying to get where they are going as quick as possible and the last thing they want to do is be bothered. At least that's how I feel on the subway.

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So, when I saw this video of two metalheads riding the New York City subway headbanging and singing along as Testament's "Into The Pit," blasted from one of their cell phones, I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed as a metalhead. But, with nearly two million views and almost 25k likes, everybody else, including Testament, seems to think these guys are awesome. Here's the video:

We *like* these guys! Into the muthafuckin' pit!!!

Posted by Testament on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Am I an old cranky man for relating more to the poor woman sitting next to them than the two dudes disrupting an entire subway car and making a scene? When a friend asked me if this was any worse than those dancing kids who yell "SHOWTIME!," my response was that at least the dancers are trying to find a way to earn an honest buck, these guys are just being belligerent. As metalheads, we already have to fight off a negative stigma and I feel like a video like this only furthers that stereotype. I'm not trying to knock these two dudes, I'm sure they're nice guys but I can't help how I instinctively feel about this one. One other thing to consider if you think this is awesome… would you feel the same way if they were blasting, say, Lady Gaga or Jay Z?

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So what do you think?

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