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Best of 2015

The Top 20 Viral Metal Videos of 2015

The funniest video clips of the year (not including music videos.)

The funniest video clips of the year (not including music videos.)

Here's A MESHUGGAH Song With Sugary Snacks As The Percussion
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Meshuggah becomes Mes-sugar as Pete Cottrell uses everyday kitchen supplies to create a killer track.

Dude Plays Guitar And Sings While Undergoing Brain Surgery

This video isn't funny, but it's fucking amazing. This dude played guitar while getting a brain tumor removed

Trend Watch: Naked Moshing (NSFW)
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This year, moshing got hardcore with trash cans, stabbings and nudity.

2-Year-Old's Guitar Hero Playthrough of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

If you're starting a band and are a vocalist and need some ideas for good stage faces to make, look no further than this two-year-old.

Physically Impaired Guitarist Crushes YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's "Brothers" With Just His Thumb
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Save this video for the next time somebody tells you that you can't do something and then come back to it and realize if this dude can shred with kust his thumbs, you can accomplish whatever it is you want to.

Barack Obama Singing KORN's "Freak On A Leash"

A last minute entry into our viral video hall of fame, this edit couldn't be more perfect.

This Is How You Make Metalhead Friends In Public Places
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The first time I watched this video, I laughed because it's so outlandishly ridiculous… until I realize I've met random people like this in public. Obviously not to this extent, but you've absolutely run into that one metal fan in a public place at least once that just takes things way, way too far. On the flip side, maybe you're this person! In which case stop.

Black Metal Street Performer vs. NYC's Times Square

Comedian and our resident King of Metal, Dave Hill decided to don some corpse paint and head to Times Square to play some black metal. He didn't get much change, but he may have found true love. Watch more Dave Hill in his series Metal Grasshopper with Phil Anselmo

The LIMP BIZKIT & Seinfeld Theme Mashup You've Been Waiting For
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I don't know who or why, but somebody decided to mash up Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" with the theme from Seinfeld and it oddly works.

Sock Puppets Turn SLIPKNOT's "Wait and Bleed" Into "Wait In Bleach"

2015 was the year of the sock puppets parodies. This one stuck out most in my head. See all of their videos here.

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