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Dude Plays Guitar And Sings While Undergoing Brain Surgery

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Dude Plays Guitar And Sings While Undergoing Brain Surgery

Not a music video. Actual brain surgery.

Brazilian bank worker Anthony Kulkamp Dias noticed one day he was stuttering and couldn't repeat the name of his car, so he got himself checked out and a brain tumor turned up. When it came time for the surgery, doctors had to monitor his brain function thoughout… so the guy played guitar and sang while the poked around in the gray matter. Holy shit!

According to Guitar World, who originally posted the video-

Did Dias sit around and stress out during his awake time? Nope. He merely considered it a chance to play Beatles and Brazilian folk tunes on his guitar! Besides "Yesterday" (which can be heard in the clip below), he played a song he wrote for his newborn son, who was born a mere 15 days after Dias discovered the tumor.

Dias played six songs during the nine-hour procedure as surgeons, hidden behind a blue sheet, operated on him. “The doctors asked me to repeat one of the country songs, so I even had an encore,” Dias told Brazilian news site G1.

So what's your excuse for not practicing?

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