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Metal Crimes

Neo-Nazi Allegedly Stabs Four People At Metal Show After Crowd Kick His Ass In The Mosh Pit

I am consistently stunned at the amount of neo-nazis that are into metal and have no problems proudly displaying their offensive tattoos. I was recently at a metal festival and a guy was walking around proudly displaying a "Fuck Ni****s" tattoo and it was appalling. Looks like metal fans at the Trailer Space Record Store in Austin, TX are less forgiving than I because a fight broke out last week when 23-year-old Jimmy Baylor, entered the mosh pit and took off his shirt proudly displaying Nazi tattoos (allegedly of Hitler and a swastika).

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The crowd noticed it and was having none of it, and there was an altercation between Baylor and some crowd members, which eventually spilled outside. At this point, the police report states Baylor pulled out a knife and stabbed four people. None of the injuries were fatal, but Baylor is now in custody. He will not be charged with a hate crime because he attacked people of varying ethnicities.

For his part, Baylor is denying stabbing anybody

KEYE TV has the step-by-step moments after Baylor stepped into the pit:

After meeting with and talking to a black male whom he didn't know, Baylor had a short conversation about Baylor's tattoos. Baylor told the man he was a "white separatist" and they discussed Baylor's beliefs. After the short conversation, Baylor says the black male told him to get in the mosh pit with him again and that's where Baylor says he was pushed to the ground several times and elbowed in the nose. Baylor was told by management to "take it outside" so he walked outside. Baylor states the crowd was yelling at him to leave but he wanted to look for his friend before leaving. According to Baylor, he and his friend broke away from the crowd and walked away until being detained by police. Baylor denies stabbing anyone.

A user on Shreddit chimed in with a first-hand account:

“Okay I was there and [front] and center for all of this. Forgive me for any mistakes as I’m on mobile. So a couple of people’s bands i know we’re playing at trailer space and suddenly a fight brakes out. Before this it had all been your average friendly mosh pit, people horsing around. Suddenly everyone notices this dude with the biggest [swastika] tat over his heart and a huge tat of hitler heiling.

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That’s when the fight breaks out, people were having none of this nazi jackass. 2 of my friend got stabbed/slashed in the brawl, the only one with a knife being the skinhead. My friend is currently in seaton for a palm wound. Everyone just beats the skin heads asses, 2 of them, into the intersection on Rosewood. My friend nails on in the head with a bottle and they hit the ground. The real hero was this one badass who as a black dude was like no, we will fuck you up. The nazis retreat and then the cops picked them up after getting the story from trailer space.

Tl;dr neo nazi’s suck”

Update: Somebody in our comments chimed in with another account:

I was also at this show (I'm friends with members of some of the bands and others who frequently go to Trailer Space shows), and I saw the whole thing go down.

It started in the pit during Broodwich's set with an ordinary night of slam-dancing (or moshing, whatever you call it) and absolutely nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary until this asshole takes off his shirt to show off a very prominent swastika tattoo (and a less prominent Hitler portrait on his chest), which pissed off just about everyone, and we all started giving him shit, telling him to fuck off, and he starts shoving people to the ground and fucking with this one huge black dude I'd met earlier in the parking lot. They take the fight outside on the side of the parking lot over by East Side Pies, and I see the Nazi and the black guy shouting at each other as more of the audience is spilling out of the doors, and eventually, the Nazi starts shoving the black guy; long story short, the black guy knocks the Nazi on his ass, and the Nazi goes back inside.

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About a minute later, he comes back out with a skinny blonde guy, and they start shit yet again, which eventually led to the Nazi being cornered by punks. I saw him punching (or stabbing, I don't know – keep in mind, all of this shit went down over the course of like, ten minutes) his way counterclockwise around a ring of people yelling at him, and then I remember a bunch of beer cans and "Nazi punks fuck off!" and "fuck you, fascist!" cries being thrown at him while others were breaking bottles over his head and beating the shit out of him until he ran off down a side street. I walked away from the action (having been between 5 – 10 feet from the Nazi during the fight) and saw a guy with two prominent stab wounds on his shoulder bleeding badly, and almost immediately, he had a t-shirt pressed up to the wounds and was driven off to the hospital.

I walked off with some other people leaving the club as the police arrived and we talked a bit about what happened, but about five minutes later, I went back to grab my car and tried to leave to hopefully catch Jugurtha at another club and maybe go see Birth A.D. (my original intent was to see two shows on my night off, and I wanted to maintain some degree of schedule after all the bullshit that had just happened), but then a bunch of people were flagging me down and saying that my left rear tire was flat. Turns out that one of the Nazis slashed my goddamn tire at some point, and I drove off anyway trying to find a flat surface to park on. The place where I finally parked, coincidentally enough, was right across the street from where the Nazi was being arrested, and various people from the show were either screaming "fuck you, Nazi!" at him or thanking the cops as they drove/walked by.

TL;DR – fuck Nazis.

A video report is also available:

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[via ThePRP]

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