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Best of 2015

Nate's Top 10 Albums of 2015

Click through to see Nate's picks for 2015

Click through to see Nate's picks for 2015

How I love and despise end of the year lists. So many excellent releases makes it difficult to narrow down my personal favorites. I compiled this list over the course of this year, and made adjustments as needed. I'm sure many of you are familiar with these bands, but if you are not, please check them out. I'll keep it short, as these releases have been covered many times through various outlets, there is no need for an in depth explanation at this point. Please feel free to list your top albums of 2015 in the comments. I really enjoy looking at other peoples lists and seeing the variety.


deafheaven10. Deafheaven New Bermuda

I was expecting something great, and that's what we got, classic sounding Deafheaven. I hope these guys are around for a long time. Catchy, melodic, and yet hipster black metal. What's not to like? My only complaint is it loses replay value quicker than Sunbather which was sad, but it's still a incredible piece of work. Full review HERE.





Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction9. Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene of Extinction

These guys just get better and better. Creative brutal music. The vocals are unmatched, the drumming is out of control, and overall feel is what you want with a death metal album. This would have made it higher on my list if the clean-ish vocals were toned down. I was not a big fan of that and still have a hard time getting over it, but the music is so undeniably good, it made it in at #9 on my list. Read full review HERE.





The-Black-Dahlia-Murder-Abysmal 8. The Black Dahlia Murder Abysmal

I have been a fan of The Black Dahlia Murder for too long. Another example of a band who can constantly put out quality melodic death metal. This is rare for how much turn over the band has had over the years. Although I was hoping to have this album higher on the list, I couldn't do it. Perhaps if it was as monumental as Everblack it would have been a top three album, but it lacked the progression Everblack had, and the progression is what I was looking for. Still, an excellent album I still have in rotation, and that's a big deal with how much music I accumulate. Read full review HERE.



Intronaut7. Intronaut The Direction Of Last Things

I don't know why these guys are so underrated. They have not put out a bad song in their existence. After listening to this album, all it does is get me excited for more. Quality music, mind bending drums, and excellent writing, "Fast Worms" will be stuck in your head for eternity. Read full review HERE.





BTBAM6. Between the Buried and MeComa Ecliptic

Another incredible release by one of my all time favorite bands. I have known these guys longer than I have known many of my friends. In that regard, I am slightly biased, but there is no substitute for good, intellectual progressive metal/rock. I say rock because my only complaint is I was hoping for a little more metal. None the less, still a timeless record that will keep this band at the top of many lists this year. I was struggling with the 5 and 6 spot this year, but Putridity's talent could not be dismissed. Read full review HERE.




Putridity5. Putridity Ignominious Atonement

Brutal Death Metal on a year end list? Yes! And in the top five as well. This has got to be one of my favorite brutal death metal releases of all time, at least in my top 5. Putridity combines their blistering speed and brutality in a technical fashion never done before. Absolutely no slam here, just pure brutal death metal that will dissolve your brain in moments. Read full review HERE.





SulphurAeon4. Sulphur AeonGateway To The Anti-Sphere

Another band who seems to do no wrong. From their epic lyrics to their album art, Sulphur Aeon has to be one of the best and most complete death metal bands out there. Crushing music that you will not forget. They also have my favorite album art of the year. Read full review HERE.





Cruciamentum3. Cruciamentum Charnel Passages
Incredible band, it seems as if they cannot create bad music. After hearing the song "Piety Carved From Flesh" it quickly became my favorite song of the year. These guys do not let up on their intensity and create original crushing death metal to perfection. Read full review HERE.





Horrendous - Araeta2. Horrendous Anareta

My expectations were high for Horrendous this year, and they did not disappoint. Nothing new or out of this world, but a lot has to be said for a band to create new death metal that sounds different, but familiar. Great band for any metal fan. Read full review HERE.





Native Construct1. Native Construct Quiet World

As soon as I received this album, I knew it would be in my top three on my year end list. These guys really appeal to my geeky music side, and I feel Native Construct could become a new Between the Buried and Me. For a freshmen release, this album is incredible. I was able to experience them live, and their set was extremely tight. Read full review HERE.





Honorable Mentions:
Vattnet ViskarSettler
Pale ChaliceNegate the Infinite and Miraculous
Sweet CobraEarth
Iniquitous SavagerySubversions of the Psyche
Vanum Realm Of Sacrifice
SumacThe Deal

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