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Quick Review: SULPHUR AEON Gateway to the Antisphere

Posted by on April 20, 2015 at 3:15 pm

Normally, I would not suggest judging an album by its cover. In the case of Sulpher Aeon, I broke this rule and bought the album Swallowed by the Oceans Tide in late 2013 after hearing just one song. Ever since, Sulphur Aeon has been a staple in my daily diet of metal, and upon seeing the artwork for Gateway to the Antisphere, I knew right away what was to be expected. What lies within the magnificent swells of this album is what has made Gateway to the Antisphere a competitive contestant for the best death metal album of the year.

This German three-man machine has only been around since 2010. One would not notice this as the music produced could be that of seasoned musicians who have been in the businesses for decades. The concentrated sound and mood is undeniable. The flow of the album unfolds into an epic and unrelenting depth of conscious death metal. The prowess is demonstrated in the riffs which contribute equally with their counterparts. They are not overshadowing, but drive with the fortitude to stand alone when required. The complex drumming exhibits creative blast beats and sophisticated fills, providing a refreshing perspective with their twist on these common attributes of death metal.

The productions purposeful muffled quality is not as focused on this album as it was with Swallowed by the Oceans Tide, but it still influences the overall sense and purpose of this album. It's not noticeable after the first track or two since it fits precisely into the sound and emotion, evoking a doomy, black metal feel.

This album is not for the weary, its arduous journey is dark and sincere. The mood is extremely heavy, in a downcast and melancholy manner. This is where the doom influence is sensed. There are no parading or triumphant riffs. Instead, the riffs are very supporting and intricate pieces, placed together to form an incantation-esque ritual, praising a nameless being into existence. This dark allure, combined with the creative writing and talent exhibited, will make Gateway to the Antisphere difficult to disregard. Regardless if you like the music or not, pick up a copy solely for the magnificent album art work.

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