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To the untrained ear, most of Putridity's music will sound as if a chaotic recording of hell was captured and settled onto a CD.


Album Review: PUTRIDITY Ignominious Atonement

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To the untrained ear, most of Putridity's music will sound as if a chaotic recording of hell was captured and settled onto a CD. Even to the trained ear, the brutal side of death metal can be a chore to digest and appreciate. Some versions of this metal work well and sound great. In others, the chaos presents no foundation which otherwise would allow the listener to grasp or appreciate the music, it will remain incoherent "noise".

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Putridity has been around since 2005, and are currently a three member band from Ivrea, Italy. After a couple demos, and two full-length albums, their third and newest, Ignominious Atonement, carries a delightful consistency in brutality and complexity. From the gruesome album art of the infant with a severe cranial deformity, to the guttural grotesque vocals emitted inhumanly from the bowels of evil, there is no shortage of brutal punishing metal on Ignominious Atonement.

The drums that were performed by Davide “Brutal Dave” Bilia are unquestionably the highlight of the album. The speed and technicality at which they are performed is a rarity, even in this genre of music. Davide has also written and recorded for Hour Of Penance, Beheaded, and Antropofagus. He is currently not a member of Putridity, but his speed, precision, and the wall of thunder formulated by him will always be a strong characteristic when experiencing Ignominious Atonement.

The guitars are strong sounding. There are pinch harmonics at every turn, and the grinding veil of riffs will pass over you as a shadow of death engulfs your life and withdraws your soul. There are seldom any slow segments, but when they make an appearance, such as in "Mortifying Carnality", the heavy, deathly effect is only greater.

There are limited characteristics to complain about on this album. The furious technicality is almost too great at some segments, so when there are slower portions or songs, it's an oasis that allows the listener to recharge their abused ears. Perhaps more variety in this would allow the listener to become more easily engaged, and make it more "listenable" to newer listeners. The chaos and bizarre speed is also a strength, as the intensity and heavy nature of it relies upon this to carry the album. The manner in which this album was crafted and written is incredible. Through all the wild chaos it presents, it manages to hold its own. The first listen or two may sound confusing, but over time, the album connects the chaos to one entire brutal beast that in a way, sounds coherent and not as dismal as one might imagine. Again, it's a lot to digest, but well worth the effort.

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If hell opened its charred endless abyss of torment and released music, Ignominious Atonement would challenge the sirens of evil most formidably. This album has been playing non-stop on my iPod since I have obtained it, and will stand out to be one of the better brutal death metal albums of 2015.

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