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6 Rad Metal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's almost Halloween and you don't have enough latex to finish your DIY, GWAR costume! Maybe your strict religious relatives threatened to cut you out of grandma's will if you dress up like Papa Emeritus again this year?

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Either way, All Hallows' Eve approaches, the most metal holiday of the year, and you don't have a thing to wear! Don't fret, your Metal Injection support squad has a few suggestions for your trick or treating/school dance/drunken partying needs this holiday.


slipknot 2016

slipknot-halloween-maskThe biggest metal band of the modern era, Slipknot continue packing arenas, moving records, and of course, inspiring some serious cosplay. Check out our phenomenal, Fans of Knotfest gallery for further evidence. Why not join the fun this Halloween with your own official Slipknot mask? You Can’t See California Without Corey Taylor’s Mask!

Officially licensed Slipknot masks available on Amazon from $25 – $50 bucks.

Misfits [aka: The Crimson Ghost]


crimson-ghost-maskHell has officially frozen over. Danzig has [kinda] rejoined the Misfits. Their killer reunion gigs at Riot Fest Denver/Chicago were the reason YouTube was created. Celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite hatebreeders this Halloween with a little Crimson Ghost tribute. Via mask or iconic makeup, your call.

Crimson Ghost mask, located HERE. Makeup guide/outline provided the legendary Evil Elvis.

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Steel Panther [aka: The 80's Glam Rocker]

Steel Panther

steel-panther-wigWhen Eddie Murphy went from fat to fit in the 90’s remake of The Nutty Professor, his character, Professor Sherman Klump famously went searching for: “SPANDEX, ALL SPANDEX!” That’s you if you want to pull off this 80’s Steel Panther ensemble. Like the real band themselves, save for frontman Michael Starr, you’ll probably need a wig, but might be able to mix in your own cut off shirts and sunglasses. Headbands are a big plus also. Otherwise, follow the words of the mighty Steel Panther and “Find like, places where strippers buy their clothes." 80's Rocker wig, available HERE.

Judas Priestjudas-priest-006

Here comes the leather meltdown, run for your lives. Judas Priest are icons in the world of metal…and leather daddy attire. This costume could be a mix of the Steel Panther, recycling the wigs and sunglasses, sunglasses but you’d definitely have to up the leather and spike quotient if you want to properly ride these sad wings of destiny. Also, bonus points for a Harley Davidson.

Judas Priest inspired fashion pieces available HERE and HERE.
judas-priest-leather-costume-2 judas-priest-leather-costume

Go As Ghost's Papa Emeritus or a Nameless Ghoul

ghost masks

Ghost are one of the most hyped bands of the year, so why not go as their leader Papa Emeritus? More of a follower than a leader? Go as a nameless ghoul then! Papa masks available here, ghoul masks here

KISS [aka the King Diamond, Immortal, Ghost, etc. ]genesimmons

kisscostumeThe original Knights In Satan’s Service [not really], KISS are easily the most popular and widely recognized makeup adorned musical act, ever. Yeah you could craft your own spiked armband and try to forge a decent Norwegian accent in corpse paint…but then you’ll never get to wear those sick platforms you’ve been hoarding for all these years. Here’s a surprisingly in-depth tutorial on how to apply legit KISS makeup by Gene Simmons himself.

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Official "The Demon" KISS costume located HERE [warning…it's pricey].

Can't afford an authentic KISS Army Demon suit? No time for shopping online? Want to weird people out without having to break the bank or hunt for designer bullet belts?

Maybe the old fashioned "corpse paint in public" look might be for you, as evidenced by your humble author…

6 Rad Metal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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