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Best of 2009

Rob's Top 10 Music Videos of 2009

by Robert Pasbani

Rob's Top 10 Music Videos of 2009

Here at Metal Injection, seeing as though we are a video site we come across a helluva lot of music videos, most of which are just a band performing in a warehouse with some fancy lighting. It always impresses me when a band takes the time to create awesome visuals to match the ferocity of their music, and thus I present to you my favorite music videos of 2009…

1) BEHEMOTH – Ov the Fire and the Void

I didn't even have to think that hard on what my #1 video would be. I knew this was the best video of the year the moment I saw it. It just screams EVIL. It helps that the song is incredibly demonic as well, and that intro riff got stuck in my head for days. One of the greatest metal videos I've ever seen…


I really like this video. BTBAM's new album was definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year for me and they certainly delivered. This video is just as weird as the band's music. All I kept thinking is "Where did they get the budget for all these costumes?" They must know somebody in the circus…

3) MASTODON Divinations

Yes!!!!!!! This video is another one where I asked "Where did they get the budget for this?" I love the end when Brent turns into Sasquatch and totally schools the solo. It was really hard to pick between this video and the one for Oblivion, but ultimately I decided I liked this one more.

4) CONVERGE Axe To Fall

This video is like a visual representation of what must be going on in Converge's head when they write new music. Part SAW, part Hostile, it's hard to tell what exactly is going on in this video. One thing is for sure, the song rips!

5) SWASHBUCKLE Cruise Ship Terror

Party boat! Party boat! Party boat! I can't say I'm the biggest fan of this latest pirate/folk/viking trend, and really, other than the pirate get-ups, Swashbuckle isn't really a pirate metal band. They're a thrash band that dress like pirates. Anyway, this video rules! The band hijacks a couple who is vacationing and take over the boat to thrash their tune. The spirit of metal is alive with these guys!


The way frontman Mitch Lucker explained the song to me was it was about him doing shrooms with his buddy in the woods and his buddy took to much and he kept trying to get him to wake up. This video accurately depicts such a situation, with Mitch trying to wake up a girl in the video from doing too many drugs. Favorite part of the video has to be when zombie Mark is doing a solo on one of his tentacles.

7) STEEL PANTHER Community Property

This was another band where it was hard to pick a favorite of the videos they released this year. While I love the Death to All But Metal track, this video, in my opinion, totally blows it away. The whole basis of the video is it's a throwback to all the monster ballad videos of the 80's with the band in the tour bus, on the road, rehearsing, except Steel Panther happen to be getting b-jays when all of this is happening. These guys totally rule! If you are ever in LA on a Monday, you should do your best to check them out…


Catchy intro riff – check!
Hot girl – check!
Silly video concept with a goth, a redneck and a wigger – check!
Blood everywhere – check!
This video rules!

9) PSYOPUS Duct Tape Smile

I really dig the black and white style of this video. Great song, killer video and psycho women are always a great combo for a metal video.

10) BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Necropolis

The Black Dahlia dudes always have great low budget videos and this time, they kicked it up a notch, by going bowling and shooting a video of the experience. This was the first single of their fantastic Deflorate release, so they definitely came out with a bang here…

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