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11 Jam In The Van Performances You Need To Blast Now That It's Summer

Featuring Melvins, Kyle Gass Band, King Buffalo, Fatso Jetson, and way more!

Jam In The Van

For those unaware, Jam In The Van is a solar powered mobile recording studio and YouTube Channel that's been around since 2011. The van has hosted hundreds of artists over the years, including quite a few of the bluesy stoner metal variety. So sit back, enjoy the first day of summer, and maybe even get a little stoned (or drunk) to a handful of these classic Jam In The Van shows!


Earthless played Jam In The Van at Desert Daze 2018 in Moreno Valley, CA. Their performance of "Electric Flame" was both electric and on fire, especially considering it's one of the few Earthless songs with vocals. Dudes nailed this one… and bonus points to vocalist and guitarist Isaiah Mitchell for the alien-looking sunglasses. Very appropriate for the desert.

Here Lies Man

Another Desert Daze performance, this time by Here Lies Man. The band has been described in the past as "if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat," and who can argue with that? Choosing a song from this performance was tough, but "Summon Fire" had to be it. I also swear we're not making fire-themed songs a trend on this list. It just so happened that this and Earthless' "fire" track both whip ass.

King Buffalo

King Buffalo was filmed in Los Angeles last year sometime around the release of their last album The Burden of Restlessness. King Buffalo has since released another album with a third on the way, but this is a perfect excuse to revisit "Silverfish" from the aforementioned record. It's a great performance from a band that's skyrocketing to the top of the stoner-meets-psych scene.


Deathchant is somewhere between raucous punk and sludgy Melvins riffs, though never quite landing on either. The band's 2021 Los Angeles performance brings that particular brand of doomy, groovy heat that feels tailor-made to be played at unreasonable volumes. "Holy Roller" is from Deathchant's most recent record Waste, which you definitely need to hear.


Melvins! Los Angeles during 2017! What else is there to say about this band? Melvins has been cranking out the most disgusting, chunkiest riffs this side of heavy metal for damn near four decades at this point. This performance, like any other Melvins performance, is exactly that – loud, crushing, and a riff-lovers heaven.

Kyle Gass Band

Formed out of the ashes of Trainwreck over 10 years ago, the Kyle Gass Band hit Jam In The Van sometime in 2015 to bring their particular brand of rock and roll to the masses. Gass sounds great, the band behind him kills it, and the whole thing is a blast. Now if only Jam In The Van could grab Jack Black for a session…

Fatso Jetson

Fatso Jetson is often credited as one of the founders of the stoner desert rock scene alongside bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. This being filmed in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA and Fatso Jetson being who they are, it's no surprise that this session is some seriously crunchy goodness that feels right at home where it was played.

Brant Bjork

Former Kyuss drummer and frontman of his own solo project Brant Bjork hit the van in Joshua Tree sometime during 2015 for this sun-baked performance. Even live, Bjork is one of those guys whose style is instantly identifiable and always enjoyable. The same sentiment goes for his overall look – the man knows how to dress for the occasion.

Eagles Of Death Metal

"We'd been there a couple of days. Our shoes were properly dusty, our coolers were getting towards empty, and we were damn close to tired" reads part of the description of this Eagles Of Death Metal performance. Though "tired" sure doesn't come through in their performance. Dudes sound hungry as ever to bring the dry-heat rock.

Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols is one of those names that you've probably seen onflyer for a band you like as a support act. But have you ever really listened to guy's music? Because you should. This Nichols performance is from 2015, but despite its age it's still abundantly clear why Jared James Nichols rocks (and why you're always seeing his name).

Gary Clark Jr.

Stoner and desert rock just fuzzy, crunchy blues anyway, so let's just end this whole list with an outright blues jam from Gary Clark Jr. There's really no excuse not to fall in love with Gary Clark Jr.'s playing, which should become immediately evident upon hitting play below. The guy just has a feel behind every single note, and it's joy to watch and experience.

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