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10 Most Bizarre Slipknot Interviews

Masked madmen Slipknot have had more than their fair share of odd interviews over the years. Here's ten of the most mental.

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Ever browse through Slipknot interviews on YouTube? If so, you’ve probably noticed how random and downright weird some of them are.

From 1999 until the present day, the band have been chewing out interviewers, interrupting interviews, trashing the rooms they're taking place in, and in some cases, reversing roles for interviews.

So with that said, lets delve into this rabbit hole – a hole that is dark, peculiar, bizarre and generally f***ed up. Here are ten times when their unstable personalities garnered insane results in front of the cameras.

10. VMusic (2005)

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For once it's not the band who are causing a ruckus, but rather some rabid Australian maggots.

Brought in as "big Slipknot fans", they behave utterly out of order in front of their metal idols. They proceed to pull Chris Fehn's nose (hilarious…), rudely take personal photos during the interview, with one girl even whipping out her bat tats…We're pretty sure these guys set metal fans back about ten years.

The band try their best to play it all off but to no avail, in what has to be their most cringe-worthy interview to date.

9. Fight Network (2015)

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Here’s a quirky one from last year for Fight Music. Corey Taylor is one of metal’s nicest guys in interviews, so what’s he like when the roles are reversed and he is the interviewer instead? Pretty damn funny actually.

He rattles off a plethora of questions to the stunned journalist; covering his experience with the publication, what his favorite bands are, and even teaching him some potty mouthed, French phrases. It’s all pretty bizarre but a refreshing twist nonetheless, thanks to Taylor’s off-the-cuff humor.

Interviewers will need to be cautious when around Taylor in future – he may just turn the tables on you next.

8. Nardwuar (2007)

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Eccentric interviewer Nardwuar bit off slightly more than he could chew with Shaun 'Clown' Crahan in this 2007 interview.

It starts off friendly enough, but soon goes downhill. Clown seems more agitated than normal, sighing constantly throughout and brushing off the majority of the questions. In fairness to the crazed clown, if you're having a bad day, Nardwuar is probably the worse person to come across.  At least Clown talks though – Chris Fehn just rocks side to side awkwardly in the background.

Someone should of told Nardwuar that this is one clown that doesn't play nicely.

7. Ozzfest (1999)

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There’s no mistaking how shocking Slipknot appeared when they first emerged on the scene. This rare interview conducted at Ozzfest ’99 is f***ed up because of the sheer creepiness of early Slipknot.

The band discuss their origins, their sound and where they hope to take things in the future. There's a purity (no pun intended) to this interview, with the band taking the interview pretty seriously compared to some of the other entries on the list. Keep your eye on Sid Wilson though. He doesn't say anything but his mannerisms are hilarious, providing the random element that fans have come to know and love about their interviews.

This was a group that had an insatiable hunger for the extremities of musical expression, and it shines through on this revealing interview.

6. Grammy Awards (2006)

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This obnoxious interviewer met his match at the 2006 Grammy Awards, going toe-to-toe with the unpredictable firecracker Clown.

The 'dressing up for the occasion' gag is rather overdone, but it works for Slipknot. Of course, the interviewer used the time to throw some lame jokes around about their bizarre getup's, ending with Clown pretty blatantly calling him a jackass.

At only 35 seconds long, Clown yet again proves why he's the ballsiest member of the extreme nine-piece.

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