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10 Most Bizarre Slipknot Interviews

5. Finland (2001)

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You've probably realized by now that Clown is arguably the most unpredictable interviewee in the band, using his unsettling appearance to intimidating effect. So we feel for this interviewer in Finland, who certainly got more than she bargained for.

At a meet and greet for the release of Iowa, Clown is interviewed while the other members strut in an out of the picture. As if it wasn't intimidating enough to have nine masked maniacs circling, clown makes sure to take the uncomfortable levels up a notch.

He is belligerent from the moment the cameras begin to roll until its awkward conclusion, proving there's no clowning around with this percussive provocateur.

4. VMusic (2000)

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Corey Taylor really lost his shit in some of the band's early interviews, and if you needed further proof, you need look no further than this interview from 2000.

Those Aussies are at it again, and it certainly seems the band are more than willing to give them a show. From jumping into the crowd to publicly calling out Fred Durst, this energetic interview delivers the goods on all fronts.

The band should carry a camera anytime they're in Australia, because evidently, chaos is always certain to ensue.

3. Larry King Now (2015)

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It doesn't get much more f***ed up than this recent interview with Corey Taylor, mainly because it's conducted by none other than broadcast legend Larry King.

Who would've thought in 1999 that there would even be the slightest chance of seeing these two together, never mind being engrossed in a full thirty minute discussion. Bizarrely, it did happen in 2015. However there's something even more bizarre about the interview – it's actually really good.

The scarred screamer shares exclusive stories regarding the group's evolution, and even offers up secrets on the inner workings of his multi-layered mask.

So can we expect to see King in the moshpit for "People = Shit" anytime soon? Now there's a change petition I'd sign up for.

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2. The Howard Stern Show (1999)

Where do we even begin with this one? It's messed up right from the off. In an interview with shock jock Howard Stern in 1999, Insane Clown Posses' interview was abruptly interrupted by then metal upstarts Slipknot.

Surprisingly there's a meeting of the minds between ICP and the knot, with Violent J proclaiming "they look fresh as hell". Worthy praise indeed. Brought in on the pretense of being angry at ICP, the group quickly backtrack on that premise, claiming it was probably a rouse to get them on the show.

To top off all this weirdness, Stern wrongly names their debut LP "Livin' La Vida Loca", Joey Jordison comes in on Clown's shoulders, and Clown insists on giving Stern a gift, before being told to shut up. Throw in some sporadic swearing and you've got a pretty intense five minute interview.

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For future reference Stern, please keep Ricky Martin's press release and Slipknot's as far away from each other as possible. Thanks!

1. Kamikaze (2000)

Our No.1 pick is an interview that is completely messed up, even for the knot.

Featured on the German show Kamikaze, this 2000 interview perfectly captures the chaotic state of the band's early output, putting their reckless sound into action by, literally, tearing the place apart. This is a tea party you don't want to be invited to…

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What makes things weirder is the futile attempts by the interviewer to ask questions amidst the destruction, and the fact that it's nine masked mentalists doing all the demolition work. It's less an interview than it is a great piece of crash TV.

Bizarre and f***ed up doesn’t even do this baffling interview justice. Just file this one under: "what the hell did I just watch?".

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