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10 Headbangin' Pump-Up Jams That Work Better Than Your Morning Coffee

A cupful of tunes to get you firing on all cylinders.

A cupful of tunes to get you firing on all cylinders.

What do you do when you scramble out the door without your caffeinated beverage in the morning? To hell with Starbucks, I say! Whatever your flavor may be–progressive, death, or even folk–metal's got your sleepy ass covered. Let the wakeup commence!

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The first cut from Converge's magnum opus, Jane Doe, clocks in at just over a minute and is a sheer jolt of freneticism. Perfect for going from 0-100 real quick. Think of it as the musical equivalent of an espresso shot, you know?


With an opening riff that grooves as hard as it slaps, "Motormouth" has a way of getting the blood pumpin'. Speaking for myself, lyrics in metal don't have a huge bearing on how bangin' a track is, but vocalist Spencer Sotello's apparent criticism of social media zombies can be a surefire way to revitalize ya, if you're into that sorta thing.

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I don't know about you, but any metal track that heinously blasphemies is A-okay in my book! Baptize yourself with face-pounding blast beats and some of vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt's (Opeth) intensely brutal death-growls for an early-morning kickstart.


Yep, Periphery managed to sneak in here twice. Everything about this song is just a straight-up nut-punch. From a breakneck intro to the first drop ("As we reduce them all to bones!"), this stick-it-to-the-man riff monster is an adrenaline rush. I gotta catch my breath now.

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Awaken your inner viking with a classic little ditty from Finnish folk metal masters Ensiferum. Now I'm not too keen for violence, but if this one doesn't make you wanna pick up your sword and mindlessly pillage some innocents, I don't know what will. How's that for a wakeup?


There's nothing quite like some speedy melodeath to get the synapses firing. This is a cut from the band's third full-length, Nocturnal, which recently turned 10 and still hits as hard as it did back then. Do it up.

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Glassjaw have a way of pseudo-caffeinating even the most hungover of us–especially with "Siberian Kiss." I'd wager singer Daryl Palumbo's wildly raw delivery has a lot to do with that here. In related news, the dudes announced their first new record in 15 years, which is pretty exciting!


A total dad rock fist-pumper, the UK alternative metallers in Dorje know how to craft an eye-opening heavy rock tune. If you haven't heard of them before, the band is fronted by guitarist/vocalist and massively popular YouTuber Rob Chapman, with lead guitar duties handled by fellow YouTuber and insanely talented mutha Rabea Massaad.

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Learn the absurd-but-catchy lyrics, screech along as best you can, and dare to not be fully torqued afterwards. A real metalcore classic, ETID presses all the right pump-up buttons with "Ebolarama."


Admittedly I'm not the craziest LoG fan in the world or anything, but I do keep this track on deck for the sole purpose of getting stoked. It's totally pissed, it totally grooves, and that's really all there is to it, folks.

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What are your go-to tracks when you need a little kick in the pants? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!  


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