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Rick Rubin Muses on KERRY KING / BEASTIE BOYS Not Getting Along, Recording DANZIG, METALLICA, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and more

Posted by on February 11, 2016 at 4:15 pm

Rick Rubin is a bonafide genius when it comes to music production and one of the most influential figures in the industry. It is always fascinating to hear him talk. Lately, he's been doing a lot of retrospectives, like when he launched his own Genius account last year.

Today, a new Rolling Stone piece surfaced with Rubin going through his 21 favorite songs of his career, and naturally there is plenty of metal in there. I highly recommend you check it out, but here are some highlights.

The Beastie Boys did not get along with Kerry King, who famously recorded the solo on "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn"

Kerry King from Slayer did the guitar solo. I don't think he liked the song. I think he just thought it was bizarre. He's a real, serious metalhead. He really loves metal, and I don't think he listens to much music outside of metal. At least then he didn't. I don't think it spoke to his aesthetic. And honestly, in retrospect, I don't think he really spoke to the Beasties' aesthetic. They didn't really like him either [laughs]. It was kind of mutual.

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