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Dino Cazares On Possibility of A New FEAR FACTORY Album: "I'm Working On My Solo Record"

Posted by on January 17, 2018 at 1:09 pm

The past two years seem to have been a little murky for Fear Factory. In November 2016 the band said it would like to have its new album out by summer 2017, but that never happened. Then in early 2017, there were rumors brewing of a classic-era Fear Factory lineup reunion, but that also never happened. The band dropped off Blackest Of The Black in March 2017, and ex-member Christian Olde Wolbers said the band broke up and then retracted his statement.

Guitarist Dino Cazares was asked a few times what the deal was in November 2017, to which he replied he was working on a solo album for 2018 and did not have any information on Fear Factory's next album. Then on January 15, someone asked about the album again, to which Cazares just laughed.

So who knows if the followup to Genexus is ever coming. As it stands right now, Fear Factory is founding members Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell, ex-System Divide drummer Mike Heller, and ex-Static-X & ex-Soulfly bassist Tony Campos.

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