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Author Jeremy Wagner (BROKEN HOPE) Counts Down His Top Five Horror Memorabilia Pieces

Posted by on October 31, 2018 at 5:42 pm

Halloween is upon us, and Broken Hope's own Jeremy Wagner has released a new horror novel that he's authored, Rabid Heart, to get you in the right mood. He's a guy who knows a thing or two about the horror culture, and even has quite the collection to prove it. In celebration of his book, which is available now, and the spirit of Halloween, we asked him to discuss his top five memorabilia pieces. Here goes!

Photo by: Gene Ambo

1. JAWS authentic "screen-used" barrel and spear used in the actual movie

These items alone already tell you how EPIC this all! I have one of the actual barrels shot into JAWS and the spear that Quint (Robert Shaw) screwed on to the speargun. I can't think of anything else in my collection that can top this. An absolute crown jewel of movie memorabilia. When those barrels float, you know that Bruce the shark is near and it's terrifying.

Photo By: Gene Ambo

2. FRANK FRAZETTA original "EXECUTIONER" painting

Frank Frazetta is hands down the greatest fantasy artist, ever. Molly Hatchet made good use of his art for their album covers in the 70's, as did many book publishers and comic book companies. I always wanted an original Frazetta, but they're not easy to come by. I got lucky when Kirk Hammett was willing to part with the Executioner and that's how I got it.

Photo by: Gene Ambo

3. H.R. GIGER original "SIL" artwork designed for the movie, SPECIES

H.R. Giger needs no introduction. He's the creator of the ALIEN creature and so much more. When the movie Species was being put together, the director thought Giger was the best man for the film after reading his compendium Necronomicon. Giger made this giant original piece as a sketch of sorts…a legit piece of production artwork…Giger designed the biomechanical appearance of Sil for Species. This art shows how Giger envisioned this female alien–transparent outside and black inside like a glass body but with carbon inside. It's unreal!

Photo by: Jeremy Wagner

4. RAY HARRYHAUSEN original "PREHISTORIC CHALLENGE" bronze sculpture

Ray Harryhausen is the god of stop-motion animation and I've been a huge fan of his since childhood. He did so many classic fantasy and sci-fi movies. Clash of the Titans, Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Valley of Gwangi, and more. Decades ago, Harryhausen made very special bronze statues. One of them is a King Kong/Tryannosaurus piece called, “Primordial Rage,” is the best of all of Ray’s bronzes. Only a hand full were made 35 years ago and those are owned by directors John Landis and Guillermo Del Toro, Kirk Hammett, and only two other people. Some of these are like in the range of $40-$50K. That said, the piece I acquired was very “down to earth” in pricing and not even a fraction of what those other went for.

Photo by: Stephanie Cabral

5. BERNIE WRIGHTSON original "FRANKENSTEIN" 1:1 scale bust.

Bernie Wrightson was an American artist, one of my absolute favorites, ever. Wrightson is well-known for co-creating the Swamp Thing, and his adaptation of the novel Frankenstein illustration work, and for his COUNTLESS horror comics and illustrations, which feature his special stamp of originality. Frankenstein the comic adaptation (of the novel of the same name) was first published in 1983 by Marvel Comics, with script and art by Bernie Wrightson. Anyway, I have a Sideshow/Wrightson collectible Frankenstein 1:1 scale bust that I believe is #1, signed on the bottom by Wrightson, and extremely rare.

Be sure to pick up Jeremy Wagner's novel, Rabid Heart, available now!

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