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Warped Tour Founder: Running Unsafe Shows Now "Sets The Whole Business Back Every Time"


With some states lifting coronavirus restrictions, shows have begun to take place in states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and even out on Long Island. But, social distancing seems virtually impossible to enforce and very few people have worn masks. All this is doing is just setting the whole process back, according to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman.

Stories were abound from this past weekend's Sturgis motorcycle rally, which held a big concert where acts like Smash Mouth, Buckcherry, Quiet Riot and Trapt appeared (although nobody actually watched Trapt). Lyman saw a story about the massive crowd that Smashmouth drew, of thousands of people, and very few, if any masks in sight.

Lyman, who, I'm sure knows better than most of the hurdles that promoters need to go through to get shows going again tweeted a link to the Smashmouth story and commented "This is one more reason we will not see shows in the near future, or any future if it keeps happening. Sets the whole business back every time it does. Every time this happens it messes it up for those who want to do it right."

There seems to be some pushback from our readers that Metal Injection somehow doesn't want shows to start. That couldn't be further from the truth. We can't tell you how much we crave shows getting back. As fans, and as a business. Our main line of income came from local advertisements for concerts, a market that has completely vanished in recent months, affecting our (and obviously many others') bottom line.

But think about it, if it were doable to do shows right now, you don't think Live Nation would be promoting shows the moment they can? They just don't think it's safe. You don't think Kevin Lyman, who makes his living promoting shows, wants to start promoting again? It just is not feasible at the moment.

And there is the argument that the fans in attendance know the risks and they are allowed personal choice, which is true. But this virus is not self-contained. It doesn't discern who "chose" to avoid social distancing and who doesn't. The people who attended this concert not only put themselves at risk, but also any and everybody they come in contact with at home, at the grocery store, or anywhere else.

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