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FEAR FACTORY's New Album Is Their First Not To Chart On Billboard 200 Since 1995

Aggression Continuum sold 6,200 copies in its first week.

fear factory 2021

Fear Factory's new album Aggression Continuum is their first since Demanufacture in 1995 not to chart on the Billboard 200.

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According to Lambgoat, Aggression Continuum sold 6,200 copies in its first week between sales and streaming. This is in comparison to their 2015 album Genexus, which sold 10,875.

While Fear Factory did not make it onto the Billboard 200, they actually moved up in position in the Billboard Top Albums chart (which is based exclusively on sales and not streaming). According to the Stream N Destroy newsletter, while sales are roughly half of their previous album, they ended up #15 on the Top Albums chart, their highest position ever on that chart.

Here is a breakdown of the band's career sales:

Aggression Continuum (2021) 5200 – No. 15 
Genexus (2015) 11,000 – No. 17 
The Industrialist (2012) 9300 – No. 38 
Mechanize (2010) 10,500 – No. 72 
Transgression (2005) 19,000 – No. 45  
Archetype (2004) 32,000 – No. 30 
Digimortal (2001) – No. 32 
Obsolete (1998) – No. 77

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Aggression Continuum was the band's final album to feature vocalist Burton C. Bell, who left the band earlier this year. Fear Factory is currently trying out new vocalists, who guitarist Dino Cazares said in a recent interview with The Jasta Show will likely be someone unknown.

"Well, we're gonna definitely do a new record with a new singer. We're gonna continue with somebody else. Obviously, everybody knows that Burton quit the band, for whatever reasons," he said.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Oh, it's gonna be Howard Jones.' 'Jamey Jasta is gonna do it.' 'Mark Hunter from Chimaira…' A bunch of different people that people are suggesting. As much as I love all those singers, I kind of wanna give an unknown guy a shot. Obviously, a lot of the guys that I mentioned, like you and Howard, you guys have a lot of stuff on your plate; you guys can make your own band and be successful.

"I kind of wanna get somebody — just a raw talent, and just bring that guy in, and he can just hit those beautiful, soaring melodic vocals every night. 'Resurrection', 'Linchpin' — all those big melodic songs, I want somebody who's gonna be able to handle all of that flawlessly."

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