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METALLICA Finally Has Their First Song Over 1 Billion Plays On Spotify

The sandman has entered many, many times.

Metallica 2023

Metallica's 1991 song "Enter Sandman" has surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify. "Enter Sandman" was the lead single from Metallica's 1991 self-titled album, which has sold over 17.3 million copies in the United States alone. So the popularity of "Enter Sandman" on Spotify isn't exactly shocking, especially considering its prevalence in pop culture over the years.

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"Enter Sandman" is trailed by "Nothing Else Matters" with nearly 873 million plays, thenthe recently-very-popular "Master Of Puppets" with nearly 579 million plays, and then "One" with nearly 419 million plays.

Metallica predictably did very well on Spotify overall throughout 2022 as well, racking up 1.6 billion streams across 72.1 million listeners. "You guys have outdone yourselves once again!" said the band of their 2022 stats. "137 million hours of Metallica were streamed on Spotify in 2022, up by more than 20 million hours from last year. Whether you're new to Metallica, or you've been listening for the past 41 years, we'd like to extend a huge 'THANK YOU' to the entire Metallica Family."

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