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FEAR FACTORY Greatest Hits Compliation Was Released Without The Band's Knowledge

But they're not mad about it.

But they're not mad about it.

A tale as old as time – a record label owns the rights to a band's back catalogue and just does whatever the hell they want with it. That is seemingly what happened to Fear Factory. Last week, guitarist Dino Cazares was made aware that a new release by Fear Factory, called Linchpin was posted to streaming platforms.

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This was the first Dino was hearing about it!

Clearly, Dino had no input, which he confirms:

What it ended up being, was a best-of compilation put by Warner Music Group, the label that owns the rights to Roadrunner Records' back catalogue. So, it's music from the first four releases on Roadrunner, likely presented to digital platforms as a way for casual fans to get into the band.

However, rather than make a stink about it, Dino recognizes that this is completely within the label's rights, and hey, he still gets royalties, so what's the point of being bitter?

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Kudos to Dino for seeing what's up. Here's the tracklisting for the comp:

[via MetalSucks]

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