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Stage Diver Scalped, Don't Drive & Metal and 8 Other Trending Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Posted by on June 7, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Summer might not officially start for a few weeks but things are heating up.

Here's what you missed this week.

  1. SLIPKNOT's Jay Weinberg Discusses His Audition Process; Says He Had No Idea Who He Was Auditioning For Until 20 Minutes Before
  2. Quality Footage of TOOL Performing New Songs "Descending," and "Invincible" in Berlin Surfaces3
  3. DEATH ANGEL's Rob Cavestany: My 5 Definitive Thrash Metal Albums
  4. New Study Advises Against Listening To Heavy Metal While Driving
  5. Varg Vikernes' Youtube Channel Removed As Part of Sweeping White Supremacist/Conspiracy Theory Ban
  6. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's New Drummer Officially Announced
  7. SLAYER/EXODUS Guitarist Gary Holt Has A Theory on Why Rap “Rap Is the Number One Music Form in America Now Is ‘Cause There’s Social Media”
  8. Randy Blythe: "Hard To Say" When Chris Adler Will Return To LAMB OF GOD
  9. Randy Blythe: "Hard To Say" When Chris Adler Will Return To LAMB OF GOD
  10. Watch: Phil Demmel Scalps A Stagedriver At Recent VIO-LENCE Show

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