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JASON NEWSTED Thinks METALLICA Is The Reason NEWSTED Still Has An Audience

JASON NEWSTED Posts Live Cover of NEIL YOUNG's "Rockin' In The Free World" From 2019

Jason Newsted and his former Metallica bandmates are on better terms these days following Newsted's departure from the band in 2001. Speaking to the Sun Sentinel, he was asked if he believes Metallica or his band Newsted still have an audience. He humbly and thoughtfully told the interviewer that his time with Metallica is what allows there to be interest in Newsted today.

"There will always be an audience for Metallica, a band that has defied all the rules and still reigns at the top," Newsted told the interviewer. "There hasn't really been a bigger band — of course, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, they came before us, so if it wasn't for them, there couldn't be us. But for this particular generation, it's the biggest band in the world.

"That's why they're still coming back. Now they'll come and see us at Revolution to check out what's going on with this element of music. Think about how many people have turned 12 or 14 years old this weekend, and they got their first guitar and '(Enter) Sandman' is the first riff they learned.

"Like I learned 'Smoke on the Water.' That was the riff to learn when I first started playing. That's really what says it all, I think."

Elsewhere in the interview, Newsted discussed whether he left Metallica to pursue other projects, like was suggested a few years back by drummer Lars Ulrich in an interview. Newsted replied that his goals haven't changed at all; he just wants to keep the "fire burning" and play with whoever he can.

"I'm feeling more fulfilled if I'm able to do my thing with my boys over here and then get back to the big guys getting super loud. That was cool for me. When I was not able to find the balance anymore, maybe that's what he is speaking of."

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