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Westboro Baptist Church Plan To Sing "Crazy Train" Parody While Picketing SLAYER Guitarist Jeff Hanneman's Funeral

Posted by on May 6, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Go away Westboro Baptist Church, nobody likes you…and you are really just asking for it at this point.

Shortly after news spread of Jeff Hanneman's passing last week, the modern day trolls in the Westboro Baptist Church came forward with some offensive tweets.

Pleased with the attnetion they were getting, the band of religious misfits decided to keep moving forward and plan to picket Jeff Hanneman's funeral. A new tweet from the Church reveals their plan:

Wait, what?! They wrote a parody of "Crazy Train"?! This can't be good. Turns out this is a thing they've done at previous funerals and it's sort of become their calling card. Naturally, the song is terrible:

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The group deciding to pull this out of their hat, basically proves they are just hypocritical trolls. If they truly were serving God, wouldn't the last song they want to parody be that of a musician who goes by the moniker of the "Prince of Darkness?"

It just seems they are doing all of this to get more attention and it's just getting silly at this point. I really do hope they picket the funeral and then Slayer fans go absolutely nuts on them. Jeff wouldn't have it any other way.

In a more fitting tribute, check out this video of Slayer guitarist Kerry King's tribute to Jeff at the Revolver Golden Gods this past Thursday:

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