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Shouting "NICKELBACK" In Public Gets A Man Detained By Cops

This is the best story you'll read all week.

This is the best story you'll read all week.

There are so many levels of hilarity to this news story.

According to the NY Daily News, two men were detained by Idaho's finest for allegedly yelling "Nickelback."

The cops thought they saw one of the guys walk out of the car with a wad of cash saying "nickel sack" which is slang for $5 worth of weed, and thought that was grounds to give these guys shit. One of the civilians being detained managed to snag some hilarious video:

“No, Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback, there was no nickel sack involved” may be the best sentence ever uttered.

Unfortunately they weren't able to track the trucker blasting Nickelback too loudly. The cops weren't buying the story but eventually let the duo go for lack of evidence.

Who knows which party is telling the truth – but I'll tell you one thing, here in New York, I haven't even heard of nickel bags being sold in at least 15 years. I'm not sure what life is like in Idaho, but it doesn't seem to be too profitable to sell nicks anymore…calm down, coppers!

I'm not sure what's funnier – this story or the apocalyptic collaboration between Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne.

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