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PAPA ROACH Frontman Says He Got Herpes From Kissing His Uncle. What?!

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 4:55 pm

No, Papa Roach isn't metal and yes, before Livecast fans chime in, there was a time when I really liked them. In fact, I just looked up "Last Resort" and it still holds up, all things considered.

Annnyway,  I never expected to write about Papa Roach since they are pretty far from metal nowadays, but this is too ridiculous to pass up. Jacoby Shaddix has no problem admitting he has herpes, but he didn't get it from a groupie, he got it from his uncle kissing him. Yes, seriously. That's what he said in a new interview with Hit The Floor. Here is the exact quote:

“My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. Anybody else got herpes? [looks creepily at camera] Yeah, you do! Don’t lie to yourself. I know you got it, you watching this.”

Jacoby, you cannot get herpes from watching videos! You can get herpes when coming in contact with a cold sore on somebody else who already has it, which is probably how he got it. Of course, as those wonderful commercials let us know, herpes is treatable, so it's not the biggest deal, but again, how ridiculous is this story? And why would Shaddix admit it? To give us a bunch of pageviews, maybe? I don't know. Watch him admit it below:

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