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MARILYN MANSON Looking To Press Charges After Being Punched In The Face at a Denny's

Who is really telling the truth??

Who is really telling the truth??

What a great two days of publicity for the Denny's franchise of restaurants. Yesterday, we learned that Marilyn Manson got punched in the face over the weekend inside a Denny's in Alberta, Canada.

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At the time, the story was Manson called some girl a bitch and her boyfriend defended her honor by clocking Manson in the money maker. But now a rep for Marilyn Manson has reached out to TMZ to state that is not how things went down at all.  According to a rep, as Manson was enjoying a post-show meal, two girls approached him saying they were fans and asking for autographs. Manson denies ever calling either woman a bitch and said this guy came out of nowhere and hit him in the face, as well as allegedly elbowing Manson's makeup artist.

Manson's security sprang into action and grabbed the guy. Manson claims the attacker screamed he was going to "blow up" Manson's next concert.

While Manson is currently on tour, he states he plans on coming back to Alberta with his makeup artist to press charges.

There is only way to prove who is telling the truth. We need Denny's to release the security footage. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

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