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Just A Photo of LADY GAGA Lounging In An ANTHRAX Shirt

We know Lady Gaga is a metal fan. She's been spotted at Iron Maiden shows and has said the band changed her life. She's danced with her best friend, Lady Starlight, to Metallica songs. While she may not know who Necrophagist is, she clearly knows her old school metal. So it should come as no surprise that when photographer Terry Richardson followed Gaga around on her recent tour, that he would spot her sporting a classic Anthrax shirt as she rehearses her show. Kudos for reppin' hard, Gaga! [via Terry's Diary]

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Yes, John, yes! And please call it the "Spreading the Anthrax" tour!

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"Two bands and I'm happy to say it. I'm fortunate to be able to look at it that way."