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GUNS N' ROSES' DJ Ashba, Vape Enthusiast, Gets Into Fight Over Blowing Vape Smoke In Somebody's Face

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Vape culture is strong, and there are a number of vape shops online where you can buy. It's not a surprise that people have made the switch from paper-based smoking to digital vapes.

I don't really notice it much in New York City but it seems like anywhere out of the city, everybody is vaping tobacco. Even smoke shops in the city have become overrun with vape gear, and not my kinda vape gear either!

Ashba apparently got into a fight over Memorial Day weekend at a Romeo Santos concert in Las Vegas. I had no idea who Romeo Santos was either until I looked it up.  Ashba, who once claimed that e-cigs almost killed him, was just enjoying his e-cig and another concert goer politely asked that the Guns N Roses guitarist stop blowing smoke in everybody's faces and the ever eloquent Ashba decided to respond with a "What are you going to do about it, buddy?"

What he was going to do about it is get into the wussiest shoving match a cellphone camera has ever captured, to the soundtrack of the wussiest music possible for a fight:

The best part is once all parties were escorted out of the venue, it was the concert goer that got charged with misdemeanour battery for shoving Ashba.

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