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Did LINKIN PARK Call The Cops on SUBLIME For Smoking Pot?

…or should we say Linkin Narc?

…or should we say Linkin Narc?

This is not at all metal, but this is a hilarious story that I felt you, the Metal Injection junkie would enjoy.

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Sublime have been a reactivated legacy group for the last few years, even though their main songwriter and creative force, Brad Nowell has been dead for almost 20 years now (an insane fact that makes me feel super old). They enlisted a vocalist by the name of Roma, and friends who have seen the new iteration of the band claim he sounds basically exactly like Brad. Another thing the two clearly had in common is their love for the ganj.

Roma apparently wanted to toke up backstage at a festival, KFMA Day in Tuscon, Arizona and apparently Linkin Park weren't too pleased about it and according to Roma, they called the cops on him:

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That seems kind of strange to me, because I always assumed Linkin Park smoked pot as well. LP's Mike Shinoda took to Twitter to vehemently deny these accusations:

Update: Chester Bennington, who was the alleged narc-er due to his recent sobriety also denied calling the cops:

So, Linkin Park still could've called the cops on 'em, just Mike had no idea about it. Ultimately, I think this is just a huge misunderstanding, and really, the true tragedy of this tale is all that sweet bud that was confiscated and left unsmoked. :(

Update: TMZ is reporting they have obtained police reports that show that Linkin Park's security went up to off-duty cops at the fest complaining about Sublime's smoking saying a band member was allergic to the pot smoke and the officers confiscated Sublime's drugs while the band was performing. Hilariously, Linkin Park offered to replace the disposed-of weed but Sublime were not interested.

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In other news, Linkin Narc is my favorite new Linkin Park parody band.

[via MetalSucks]

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