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You Can FINALLY Get A Death Metal Turtleneck

Two years ago, a major fashion magazine called a metal t-shirt "the look of the summer." Will that magazine now call these new death metal turtlenecks the look of this fall?

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Yes, that's correct. Clothing company Patricia Rae has launched a line of “vintage turtlenecks from the late ’80s.‬” The $64 turtlenecks combine a floral print with the company's name in a death metal-styled font. My favorite thing about the design is how Patricia felt the need to caption the turtleneck so normies can understand what is being advertised:

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the turtleneck is sold out. Perhaps there will be a second run sometime soon.

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Some more recent fashion and heavy metal crossovers:

[via MetalSucks]

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