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This Is The Most Expensive Death Metal Logo Hoodie Ever!

Can you guess how much this hoodie costs?

Can you guess how much this hoodie costs?

When I first started writing about mainstream fashion co-opting metal styles, it all seemed a bit funny that the metal aesthetic was peaking into the mainstream. Sure, we laughed when Chris Brown wore that gaudy leather jacket with hardcode band patches, or Kanye West made this heavy metal fashion mistake, but lately, it seems like the novelty factor of metal in mainstream fashion is starting to wear off and it's just becoming the norm.

Besides H&M selling actual metal shirts now (which is fine, they're affordable, and bands make some cash – unlike Urban Outfitters who charge way too much), we're now seeing metal make its way into high end fashion. We saw Gucci co-opt an AC/DC logo, Avalone create a hoodie inspired by a Mortician logo and a fashion magazine call metal "the look of the summer." Turns out, metal might be the look of 2016 in general, because high-end clothing line Vetements is selling hoodies for the fall season with their logo in death metal font, for a pretty reasonable price…


Yes, that's a hooded sweatshirt for over one thousand dollars.

We've written about the brand Vetements before, when we wrongfully assumed Kanye West was wearing a death metal logo to fashion week, but clearly one of the stylists had a phase in high school or something. Vetements marketing assault is in full force with Marilyn Manson recently wearing some of their clothes in a photoshoot with Terry Richardson:


Alicia Keys was also spotted by my friend wearing the design:

How far does this go? Another buddy of mine, Jason Lekberg, pointed out that he noticed death metal in the latest issue of Marie Claire, a women's fashion magazine. Notice how they refer to it as fashion's mall-goth moment:

marie claire death metal

Have we reached the breaking point?


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