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Time & Space, Bro

Time & Space, Bro #2 – So What’s Scorpion All About?

“So what’s this Scorpion fellow all about?”

“So what’s this Scorpion fellow all about?”

Last week, the first "Time & Space, Bro" column from Nekrogoblikon frontman Scorpion was published. Astoundingly, most of the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for that, but I can’t, so just read this instead: 

“So what’s this Scorpion fellow all about?”

Scorpion is about freedom.

Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of individuality and freedom of speech. The freedom to walk your own path in life. There are a lot of negative nancies out there. Metal websites in particular seem to harbor more than their fair share of angsty adolescent attention-whores. But why, Scorpion? Why do said whores act the way they do? The answer is simple: they are miserable people (and they can NOT handle Scorpion). One can’t help but feel a bit sorry for these pathetic souls.

Alas, who gives a shit.

In a world so saturated with generic trash-talking haters, Scorpion represents a bastion of safety for those who do not wish to conform; a beacon of light in a land overflowing with darkness, to guide and enable those who dare to be themselves. To quote the almighty Manowar:

"Losers try to put us down, it's just another day
I got no money or big house, just got life
I don't like to save, it's more fun to spend
If you like metal you're my friend…”

To Scorpion, metal is about unity. Metal is about brother and sisterhood. Metal is about rebelling from the pre-established norms that continue to dictate the so-called popular opinion. Perhaps most importantly, metal is about fun. Lately, there has been a startling lack of fun in the metal world. If you want to be a pretty boy, if you want to fit in, if you want to die unfulfilled and filled with regret, I’d strongly suggest a more accessible genre (such as pop).

To make myself clear- I have nothing against pop, in fact I write and produce as much pop (and other genres) as I do metal. I’m simply suggesting that if you’re only into metal to be cool or popular, you’ve made a terrible mistake.

I’ve heard a lot of wimps talk trash about Nekrogoblikon. That’s just filthy water. Under the bridge and into the sewer is where that goes. Every time some loser metal elitist whines, we only grow stronger. Nekrogoblikon isn’t for elitists. Scorpion isn’t for elitists. We stand proud for anyone who’s ever been bullied, for anyone who’s got the guts to stick up to the trolls, and for anyone who believes that together, we can and will turn the tides.

If you believe that metal should be an inclusive community of friendship, a community of faith, and of beer; a community of catharsis, of magic and of positive energy; a community of people who like to believe there’s something more to life than being an absolute dick on some internet forum… then Scorpion’s your guy, and Nekrogoblikon’s for you.

time & space bro,

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