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THIS IS ARMAGEDDON!: Bergen, Norway's AVERTIA Prove There Is Life Post-Second Wave; New Song "Hundre Og Helvete" Streaming


Bergen, Norway. This stunning city in the municipality of Hordaland on the west coast of Norway is renowned for – not only its breathtaking views atop Mount Fløyen and the surrounding Fjords – but also prized for its cultural contributions to the world of music. Of these cultural achievements, one stands light years ahead of them all… the second wave of True Norwegian Black Metal.

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From the early 90s onward, the city has produced such legends as Burzum, Immortal, Old Funeral, Gorgoroth, Taake, Borknagar, Helheim, and Ancient. This isn't to take anything away from the city's other cultural enterprises. Not at all. In fact, during the 90s and into the 2000s, the city gave birth to what is referred to as the 'Bergen Wave'. This mass media-coined term gave rise to such world-renowned artists as Röyksopp, King Midas, Kings Of Convenience, among many others.

As great as these bands are, black metal would go on to dominate the eyes and ears of the world's youth and media – with both its music and deeds. Over a quarter-century later, black metal still reigns as Norway's biggest cultural export.

THIS IS ARMAGEDDON!: Bergen, Norway's AVERTIA Prove There Is Life Post-Second Wave; New Song "Hundre Og Helvete" Streaming


Which brings us to the here and now. Us black metal afficianados – particularly those of us with a proclivity for the Nordic brand of the sub-genre – aren't known for our adroitness as it relates to the contemporary. Many of us live our lives in the past – singing the praises of the aforementioned kings (hell, I'm listening to Trelldom as I write this!). To be fair, there is life after the second-wave. There really is. I have experienced it, and you will experience it right now. Enter Avertia.

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In an age where all things old are new again, there exist bands who stand tall, proud, espousing the virtues of contemporary explorations of a bygone era. Of these bands is Bergen's Avertia. Not content with simply rehashing the sounds of their infamous brethren, Avertia is a mix of 90's black metal, a bit of trad metal from the 80's, and a smidgeon of Norse folk thrown in for good measure. This concotion of metal was then brewed and simmered to form their brand new sophomore effort, Hundre og Helvete.

THIS IS ARMAGEDDON!: Bergen, Norway's AVERTIA Prove There Is Life Post-Second Wave; New Song "Hundre Og Helvete" Streaming

Translated, the title reads: "One hundred And Hell". If it sounds a little ambigous, blame the translation. It is, in fact, quite deep – a metaphor for  the infinite, the limitless – life and the universe moving at infinite speeds. Quite fitting, when one considers the current state of this go, consume, go! world we live in. When asked about the significance of the title, and the role of Norway in his music, band maiman, Kristoffer Georg, answered…

"I am indeed inspired by Norwegian nature. Especially the fjords. I have a hut by the sea and I get a lot of inspiration when I am there. Here in Bergen we are surrounded by seven mountains. At least once a week I was at the top of one of these mountains during my early days. I have also recorded a lot of the Avertia songs there. It is something with the ocean that really attracts me, such as is explored in the song "Svaret i Havet", which translates to mean "the ocean has the answer".

I get inspired by a lot of things. It doesent necessarily have to be nature. If I am in the United States, I can be inspired by the city of New York, or by reading a book or random things that occur, say, at the hotel. The story of Avertia is documented in two books. I am currently writing a novel as well."

So, there you have it. There is more to Bergen than Burzum and Borknagar. If you are still not convinced, we have the very first listen of brand new Avertia music, in the form of the title track of new album, Hundre og Helvete. The album drops today (February 23rd). Head here and here to pre-order now.

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