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THIS IS ARMAGEDDON! Norway's FROM THE VASTLAND Debut Brand New Song "Sinful Oblivion"


When the two unlikely worlds of Iran and Norway collide, the world is transformed into a devastatingly murderous territory of pure, unadulterated black metal – a brand new world that has yet to be explored. That new world, entitled From The Vastland, is ruled by the evocative (and provactive) mind of Iranian-born black metal musician, Sina.

If you are unfamilar with Sina's story, it is well-chronicled in the documentary film, Blackhearts. The film explores Norwegian black metal, but from a completely different perspective. One of the three narratives told  in the film is that of Sina; a black metal musician who hails from the extreme religious and political background of Iran. Sina, like the rest of us, worships Norwegian black metal and, as a result, created his very own homage to Norwegian black metal with his band From The Vastland. In doing so, Sina experiences persecution as a result of his music. Blackhearts focuses on Sina's struggle from his homeland of Iran and his journey to his new found home in Norway.

THIS IS ARMAGEDDON! Norway's FROM THE VASTLAND Debut Brand New Song "Sinful Oblivion"

THIS IS ARMAGEDDON! Norway's FROM THE VASTLAND Debut Brand New Song "Sinful Oblivion"

As we mentioned, that story has been well-chronicled, and it's not the reason we are here today. Nope. Today, we are super-stoked to bring you brand new music from Sina, in the form of the song "Sinful Oblivion", a track from From The Vastland's forthcoming album, Daevayasna. The fifth full-length, the album also features fellow Norwegian musicians Tjalve (Svartelder, Pantehon I, ex-1349) on bass, Spektre (Horizon AblazeHarmGaahlswyrd) on drums, and Destructhor (Myrkskog, Odium, Zyklon, ex-Morbid Angel) on session guitar, and drops on October 25th.

Check out the track directly below, followed by a short Q&A with Sina. In the meantime, preorder Daevayasna here.

On the path of musical progression since 2011's Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle…

Sina: You know, from the beginning of my music career in 2003, when I started my previous band, it was with writing and releasing each album that I learned something new… something that helped me to get better. I am still learning today. Honestly, I learned a lot more from 2013 after Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle and 2013's Kamarikan album. This was around the time when I also moved to Norway and started working with professional musicians. Also, playing live shows and recording the albums in studio – plus having my bandmates to put their creative ideas into their lines – helped me to get better in writing music. Now, my songs have better structure. I am also better at creating atmospheres in my songs. I think it also has become more mature now (I hope so, anyway). But, you know, it's a neverending process, step by step. It's like there is never enough that I can do. There is always more. I am really eager to learn new things which can help me better myself in what I am doing, in every possible way.

On how to remain interested and motivated to continue creating evocative-yet-malevolent-sounding music…

Sina: The key to my motivation is to listen to good music and keep my music interests active at all times, in different ways. I get a lot of inspiration by doing that. You know, music – and specifically black metal – are my passions. These two things are always with me. I cannot live without them. Back when I was in Iran, even in that situation where I had no chance to do what I am doing today as a musician, I could release eleven albums outside the country (with my previous band and From The Vastland together). You can imagine how it was hard to keep the motivation in that situation. In fact, most of my musician friends gave up after a time. I kept at it. Today, here in Norway, there is a lot more that keeps me motivated. Not only does this include releasing my albums freely and playing concerts, but also bieng active in the scene – going to the events, festivals, meeting my fans and having direct contact with them and experiencing their reactions. It gives me a lot of energy to keep on going and continue on this journey.

On being inspired by Zoroastrianism – the mythology of Persia and Mesopotamia and the correlations between the texts of Prose Edda (the source of Norse Mythology) and Avesta (the sacred texts of Zoroastrian)…

Sina: Actually, all of my lyrics are about Persian mythology – the ancient history, legends, and stories. I was always interested in the mythologies, reading books and articles, not only Persian mythology but also Norse, Mayan, African – the ancient world in general. I always could see there were similarities between the characters and myths in different mythologies. When it comes to Persian and Norse mythology, I see a lot of similarities. This is especially true of the gods and nature elements – the characters in their mythology. Even in some folklore you can find similarities. Whenever my Norwegian friends and I are talikng about it we find something similar. It's always so exciting and inspiring for me.

On creating new music and the specific filters – either Middle-Eastern or Scandinavian – that might directly influence the compositons…

Sina: I would say they both influence my compositions naturally and automatically. As an Iranian, of course, I am always influenced by my culture and the background that I came from. Yet, at the same time, I am alo influenced by the music that I grew up on, such as Norwegian black metal. So, it's hard to say which one directly influences my music. So, it's more likley a combination of both. Thinking of it more, perhaps the structure of my songs are similar to old school Norwegian/Scandinavian black metal, but with a small Persian/Oriental touches to it. This is especially true of the melodies, which I think come naturally as a result of my background. In fact, I have heard it many times from my fans and friends, even my bandmates, that my music has this kind of atmosphere. This is good, as this is exactly what I am striving to do with my music.

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