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Rob's Funniest Interviews

A LIFE ONCE LOST teach us how to roll a European cone

Metal Injection has been going strong for 5 years now. I thought this would be as good a time as any to go back into our archives and pick out my top 5 favorite interviews that I have conducted. In the middle of the week, I'll post a few hilarious band on band interviews. Stay tuned all week for new updates!

It's always cool when a band that you are into turn out to be really awesome bros. Such was the case with A LIFE ONCE LOST. I remember seeing an interview the whole band did on Uranium and thinking wow, these guys are hilarious. I want to hang out with them. Sure enough, the next time they came around I scheduled an interview which ended up being the masterpiece featured in this post. We took over the backstage bathroom at a smaller former venue in NYC called the Knitting Factory during the Spring of 2006. This allowed everybody to just focus on the interview and the jokes. I love how "real" this interview is. I feel it is a true portrait of a band on the road. At one point, interview hit that mark where Snake asked the question: Why aren't we smoking weed? Which brings us to part 2 of this interview…

Ahh, the infamous weed rolling. This was so killer. I remember a few months after airing this reading an interview the band did on Lambgoat where the interviewer said (direct quote):

…my friend caught his little brother smoking a joint the other day. When he asked him, he said, "hey, where the fuck did you pick this up," and he said, "A Life Once Lost. I was watching a video they were in and they were smoking weed the entire time. They're super fucking millionaires, so why can't I?"

Naturally, I assumed it was because of our interview, because there are no other video clips of this band smoking weed online. I couldn't believe the reach we had. At the same time, I didn't really know what to think about it. Uhh, don't do drugs kids!

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