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Rob's Funniest Interviews

GWAR is the funniest shit we've ever done!

Metal Injection has been going strong for 5 years now. I thought this would be as good a time as any to go back into our archives and pick out my top 5 favorite interviews that I have conducted. In the middle of the week, I'll post a few hilarious band on band interviews. This concludes the week-long countdown.

For anybody who has been a long-time visitor of the site, was there any doubt that GWAR would be my #1 favorite video? We have done a few video clips with GWAR and it was hard to pick just one favorite so I decided to pick the two Moscow Metal Minute clips we shot with the galactic overlords.

Metal Misha Interviews Oderus Urungus at Sounds of The Underground 2005

First up was the interview that "my alter-ego" Metal Misha conducted with Oderus Urungus. This clip could not be any more perfect. The night before this interview 3D (Sinister Sasha) and I discussed possible questions. He brought up that Misha should just mistake Oderus for Gene Simmons of KISS. So we rolled with it. When the interview started and then he got up and choked me, I immediately knew we had a legendary clip on our hands. And it kept going and going. Oderus did an amazing Gene Simmons impersonation. We just kept riffing off of each other. I had some questions pre-written but none of it was scripted. All Oderus knew was that I would be interviewing him as a Borat-like Russian character. Which makes this all the funnier.

About a year later, we were asked by GWAR's label to produce a bonus DVD for their last CD, Beyond Hell. We were flown down to Virgina and hung out at their headquarters, the Slavepit. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to shoot a follow up with Oderus. Dave Brockie, the man behind the mask came up with the entire concept of this clip. Oderus shows up with Misha to find his band rehearsing without him and he eventually finds out he's been kicked out the band. So him and Misha just spend the day drinking vodka. But when Oderus drops the bottle, Misha gets so pissed that he chokes Oderus not know that it's exactly the type of thing Oderus gets off on.

What happened next was probably the coolest thing to ever happen to me in the five year history of Metal Injection: I got jizzed on by Oderus Urungus. Don't be jealous!

Metal Misha confronts Oderus at the wrong time

We tried to do make this a trilogy at Sounds of the Underground 2007 but it didn't work out as planned, although there was still plenty of hilarity. Watch all of our GWAR clips here.

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