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Ask Me...I'm Right

Greg Weeks, Red Chord Bassist, wants to reach out and touch you…

Greg Weeks, The Red Chord

That's Greg Weeks, he's the bassist of the wildly popular group, THE RED CHORD. He is quite knowledgeable about many things, if you ask him, he'd say he's knowledgeable about everything. So much so, that he wants to share his infinite amounts of knowledge with all the Metal Injection junkies. Submit all your questions to Greg by emailing him at [email protected]

Here are some previous entries where Greg dropped some knowledge on some unsuspecting fools:

Well, im going around asking any band I come across how they got signed. Whats the story with you guys? Was it a hook up, luck or all the sex guy had with the record executives? I mean, it has to be hard for an all gay band to get signed lol. nah, seriously, howd you guys go about it all.

Greg’s response:
First off, my band has no sexual orintation to speak of and secondly, all you have to do is convince a label that you’re worth something. They need a reason to put you out. Prove, through an amazing live show or a great demo, that you’re worth their time. Speaking of demos, make sure yours sounds great. Take the time to make sure it sounds like a real recording. Also, were you asking about how gay bands get signed because you and your friends are gay and in a band looking to get signed? Just wondering.

dear greg,

first off you are all that is awesomeness! and i bet you get laid more than
gene simmons (zat faggot)! here’s my problem:

i am a drummer in 2 bands currently, one deathcore and one melodic metal. i
have been in the melodic band for 2 months and i just recently joined the
dethcore one. the deathcore band thinks it’s ok to be in 2 bands, but the
melodic band’s guitarist thinks that i will eventually quit one because of
conflicting practice time. what do you think?

-metal mike

Greg’s response:

Metal Mike,

Here’s the deal, you’ve got so much rock in you that you need two bands. Anytime you can find different styles of music to play I suggest you do it. Your guitar player might just be bummed that he only has one band. I constantly have a bunch of projects going on even though I’m in The Red Chord. Now to address the getting laid thing. A couple of years ago I decided I needed to focus more on the rock. To do this I needed to alleviate myself from any outside distractions, mainly the ladies. I had my penis removed and since then all I can think of is the rock. Let’s kick it!


I have a sweet ass mustache but my lady friend wants me to shave it. I dont know what to do. Break up with her or lose my mojo?
Nosebleeds and psychobabble~

Greg’s response:
Nosebleeds and psychobabble, cute, real cute. Here’s a question for you. Do you think Tom Selleck ever had a lady tell him what to do? He’s Magnum “Fuckin’” P.I., of course he didn’t. Case closed.


Want more of Greg's knowledge? Check out the Ask Me, I'm Right Archives. And, submit your problems to Greg and he'll solve them with his extra-large vocabulary. E-mail [email protected]

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