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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Two Times The Ladies

Dear Greg,

My boyfriend is a guitarist in a Mass-based band.  He's been playing with
this band for about a year now, and during this time, he's gotten to be very
good friends with the bassist.  This works out well because the bassist is a
pretty decent guy and I enjoy spending time with him.  The problem is his
girlfriend.  She's smart and funny, not to mention that she's a stone-cold
fox.  When we go out on double dates, I find myself wishing that we were on
a single date: just her and me.  Greg, I feel like I've exhausted all my
resources and I don't know what do to.  Can you help me?

-Helpless in New Hampshire

Greg responds:

Wow! Finaly a sexy lady question. The little boy in me wants to tell you to ditch the losers in the band and get in on with the lady. The big kid in me will tell you that mixing business, pleasure and friendship never ends in anything but heatache for guitarists and bassists alike. Ladies are stone cold fox's but if you're already in a sweet romance why ruin it.


PS- Maybe just make out with her and let them watch.

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