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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Skan't find a band

i live in south florida and i want to start a metal band. Problem is, i cantfind anyone that wants to play metal, theres nothing around here but ska andpunk (sometimes your occasional industrial). How do i get people to playmetal, please help before i kill one of these pussies.Johnp.s. fuck ska

Greg's response:
John, So, do you like ska? I'd better help or there will be a jump in the pussy murder rate in southern Florida. Speaking of Florida, isn't that where all that great death metal came from? And you can't find anyone to play with? You might not be looking hard enough. Have you been to all the local music shops to hang up wanted flyers? Have you read the local music mag want ads? I say be patient. You'll hear through the grapevine that there are these brutal dudes two towns over that need a "whatever it is you do" in their band. Another way to go is to join a band that isn't as cool as the band you want to be in. You'll be in a band, which is better than not being in one, and you'll make better conections that way. That's what I'm doing now,


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