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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Shirt T-t-t-tails

I was reading in your forum about this kid that bought a shirt that contained the hidden message "Don't tell Dad I'm gay" and I was wondering which shirt this was?  I have been trying to find it to see if it is true, but I didn't see the message on any of the shirts.  I find it fucking hilarious, I just want to see if it is true.
One more question, where did the name "The Red Chord" come from and what possessed you guys to use that as a name for a band?
Thanks man,
Greg's response:
It's the one with the big cock on it. It might still be available at Here's some advice, buy it. Laugh about it with all your friends and then realize it wasn't that great of an idea when you look down and there's a huge dick aimed at your face. Enjoy! The name came from a special "chord" that we created that has the same effect as the brown sound note but it only works on women, wink wink.

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