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ASK ME I'M RIGHT: School, Shows, Waving and more..

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Greg Weeks is not only the basisst of one of the coolest, heaviest bands on the scene right now, THE RED CHORD, but he also talks a lot. Greg will help you with any and all your problems. This ain't your mommy's advice column. Greg will answer questions on any and ALL topics, so don't hesitate to ask. To submit questions, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Here is the latest edition:

Hello Sir,
My name is King Awesome and I am one of your biggest fans.
The Red Chord,Rollins Band and Deep Banana Blackout are my favoritest bands of all time.
The Thunderous Jams that come from your 4 stringed guitar thingy,make me feel funny and righteous in the front of my pants,and that sweet low end has on more than one occasion made me do poopy.
The reason I'm writing is this.
I want to start a kick ass metal band like you guys,but everyone in my stupid town likes rap (or as I call it Crap hahaha) or Ryan Cabrera or anything Lilith Fair Related. And even worse!!!!!! Beards are not tolerated here!
The direction I'm going for is a cross between The Red Chord,Starland Vocal Band and Newer METALLICA.
What do you think i should do?

-King Awesome
New Haven CT


I hear you man, bad music is taking over. I advise you to slap anyone of your friends lisyening to Ryan Cabrera immediately! Grow your beard with a fierceness known only to the Gods and call me because I will form a later Metallica cover band with you in a heartbeat. we'll call it "The Invisible Kids"

-Greg (The Czar of All That is Awesome)

First, hello Greg.
Next, are there any homoerotic subliminal messages containted within the Dragon design hoodie?
Alright, down to business; what do you think should be the proper etiquette for someone being given the mic at a show, if they don't know the words? Should they scream incoherently and pretend they're not a tool, try passing it on to somebody else, or come up with some other solution?
This may or may not have happened last Wednesday at a Red Chord show.
Oh, another thing, what do you suggest I do if some random asshole bites me at a show, which also may or may not have happened at said Red Chord show?
Ooh, a final question, and one that has plagued me for a week or so, that I also may or may not have meant to ask Guy Kozowyk at a Red Chord show last week, but may or may not have forgotten to; how do guys in bands manage to not stink while on tour? I've taken road trips before, and seriously, a hot car full of man stink is not where you want to be. Band people do this for months at a time, without always having adequate facilities to cleanse themselves, and never seem to have offensive odors about them at shows. I plan on being in the business, so this actually is an advice question, and not a band question; a trick of the trade type thing.
Oh, okay; a fourth, and I promise, final question. Not advice oriented, just an opinion thing. Do you think people in the front row of shows have the right to kidney punch or otherwise harm crowdsurfers? I'm always up front at shows, and I almost always get hit in the head with people's disgusting shoes and whatnot. Am I justified in punching them in the side, or is it one of those, "comes with the territory" things?

Thanks for your time and assured hilarious responses,

Holy Christ pal,
I had to take notes on this question because I forgot what it was about by the time I finished it. I'm a very busy man you know so consider yourself lucky that I even pretended to read you question. Here we go:
1. In general Dragons look like dicks with wings.
2. When given the mic you must always, ALWAYS, sing lounge style along with the song no matter what type of band it is.
3. Around the second or third day of tour every band, except the girlie princess man bands, smell like the inside of an asshole that was filled with rotten eggs, spinach dip, a fart and David Crosby's old liver.
4. They're just trying to have and so are you. Punch 'em, what do I care.
Hope that covers everything. Enjoy your new years,

Dude, first off, i just noticed that you're wearing a "The Sounds" shirt in the banner thing.

F*** YEAH!!

yeah, distorted guitar's great, but it's good to get some sweet synth lovin' every once in a while, eh?

Anyways, dude, I have a big-brick of a question, but it pertains to the band, and i know how you hate discussing such matters.

So, ill rustle up (im from Oklahoma, that IS what we do here) a different question.

I've noticed that a lot of metal bands nowadays have members that are covered in tattoos. One of the first things to make TRC stand out to me was the fact that you guys dont (or didn't at the time) have any ink. Is that some sort of rule for being in TRC? Or is it just a coincidence?

Oh, and finally do you allow more than one instance of questioning from the same person?

Thanks for your time…..keeping (ahaha, sorry that just couldn't be left alone)

You're the first person to notice that Sounds shirt. I've worn it in several promo photos as well. I like fun. Yeah, I guess I'll answer another TRC question and yes you can ask me another one if you so desire. The one and only rules this band has is to look like crap on the road. This isn't really that hard because we look like crap at home as well. Brad, our drummer, recently got a tattoo on his shin. It's this weird snake thing with stars and some German shit. I don't know. It looks cool though and he's pumped so that's all that matters. Brad's handsome.

Hey man, i hae a good question for you…

When you guys were in Chicago w/ GWAR at the House of Blues…
do you remember a dude just waving at you then entire set?

metal up your ass
-The Waver

Greg's response:
Yes, I do.

So i saw you guys last night (for the second time this tour) and it was awesome. The thing is during gwar, i kept getting karate chopped in the neck and kicked by some hardcore dancing idiot. I go to shows to enjo the music, and i dont mind moshing if thrown into the pit but i hate when kids just swing their limbs like assholes. Do you support hardcore dancing?

Ps. When is Science Rooster going to drop?

Wish the chord could have made it to the mustache bash,
plenty of assrashes in CT



I love hardcore dancing and here is why. I get to see it from the stage. I would probably not enjoy getting karate chopped or kicked if I paid to see the show but from the stage seeing shirtless sweaty dudes punch, kick and shove one another is amazing. I also love when they call other kids "fags" for not dancing. It boggles the mind. My advice, start a band and enjoy this male on male ritual as much as I do. Science Rooster is label hunting right now. I shouldn't say anything but Warner Brothers and Island are interested.


whats up man?
alright heres the deal. I'm in college right now at tufts, which blows obviously cuz its fucking hard and i would rather be out on the road touring and being altogether brutal. With each passing day, the idea of dropping out and devoting my life to metal seems better and better, especially considering that I want to do it while I am still young, but I play football here and couldn't ever give that up. I mean I can always go back to school, but football is a different story. Do you have any advice and/or know any brutal dudes who did the college thing first before rocking out?
Thanks a bunch,


Three members of my band, myself included, have gone to and graduated from college. People say that college is always there, and it is, but do you want to be one of those creepy old dudes that sits around class all day oggling college girls? Me too. So, finish up you Bachelors, play football and then hit the road with a band. Call me up when you're done rockin' out and we'll go get our masters is being creepy.


If you would like to submit a question for Greg Weeks to shed light on, simply e-mail [email protected]

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