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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Pansy Division Rules

Well, im going around asking any band I come across how they got signed. Whats the story with you guys?
Was it a hook up, luck or all the sex guy had with the record executives?
I mean, it has to be hard for an all gay band to get signed lol.

nah, seriously, howd you guys go about it all.


Greg's response:

First off, my band has no sexual orintation to speak of and secondly, all you have to do is convince a label that you're worth something. They need a reason to put you out. Prove, through an amazing live show or a great demo, that you're worth their time. Speaking of demos, make sure yours sounds great. Take the time to make sure it sounds like a real recording. Also, were you asking about how gay bands get signed because you and your friends are gay and in a band looking to get signed? Just wondering.


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