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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: One is the lonliest number…

Dear Greg,
>Yo man. I've got some problems with the band that I'm currently in. Yes
>problemS plural. For one, our guitarist SUCKS ASS! He can only play a few
>chords, and when he tries to play lead it sounds like a monkey playing with
>one of those toy guitars you give your little neice/nephew. He started
>playing a year and a half ago, and still sucks ass. He is completely
>uneducated about the equipment he runs, and any and all forms of music
>including tabs. How hard can tabs be to read? He needs some serious
>edumacation on his guitar, he doesn't know the head from the bridge. I'm
>surprised he can even string his guitars. When people ask him a question
>about it, he replies "I don't know anything about that, I just play my
>Ok now for the other half. Our singer sucks ass. He's a spoiled rotten
>baby, has gotten everything he's ever wanted in life, and gets pissed if
>you try to correct him, even when you're being as nice as possible! So
>obviously everyone is afraid to tell him to change his singing or get the
>fuck out. He's never sang before in his life which is weird I thought
>everyone sang in the shower or in their car? But what do I know. Anyways,
>he's a stuck up little bitch and needs some vocal lessons.
>I, myself, play bass, and you know as you mentioned before, bass isn't hard
>so I got nothing to worry about, but its pretty bad when I have to write
>lead parts to songs, and fill in what the guitarist can't do with a few
>strokes of the fingers (no perverted thoughts crossed my mind….ok it
>Anyways We need some help what do you suggest?
>Keep on rocking, the music is great,
>RobGreg responds:

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Here's some great advice. Next time you ask anyone anything in a written form get to the point. I don't remember any of your question because I fell asleep half way through it. Here's the deal, CLEAN HOUSE! If you are serious and others are not then get rid of them. If you are friends with them then let them know that it's not working out. If you don't want to hurt their feelings then start another band and just never show up to your current bands practices. If they are the only musicians in your town go to another town and look. When I was in high school I was in three bands and two of them were made up of out of towners. Besides finding people who were willing and able to play what I wanted there was the added bonus of more people coming to the shows. Good luck Rob,


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