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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: New answers from the bassist of the Red Chord

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That stud machine of a man is me, Greg Weeks, and I'm the bassist of the Red Chord. Want to ask me about my band, your band, or the ongoing crisis in the Middle East? Don't hesitate to popup your mail program of choice and send me a question to [email protected] and I'll be sure to respond with some life-changing advice.

dude why is the red chord the most amazing/brutal band ever? and dont say you arent cuz that is bullshit and you know it :P
-Ethan & Co.

Greg's response:
We aren't.

Dear Greg,
Everyone's already said this, but man you fuckin rule! So does your band (which I will be seeing play in Detroit and London Ontario within the next few weeks). So my question involves writers block. I find that at band practice I have a hard time coming up with good riffs for my metal band at practice which leads to huge fustration and wasted time at practice. What do you find that works for situations like these? Thanks man, you're awesome!
TRC fan for life,
Ken Cardoso

Greg's response:
Do what comes naturally. If metal riffs are hard to come by but smooth jazz or afro-cuban dub beats are flowing out of every pore, than go with it. Metal's lame anyway. See you in Detroit/Ontario.

You provide the mad bass notes that bring The Red Chord and Beyond the Sixth Seal's sounds to holy completion, and yet I think in the eyes of the fans you are still largely living in McKenzie's shadow. I think what you need in order to take over the spotlight is a cool nickname and catchphrase like "Gunface" and "Keep it wolf." Unfortunately you don't have a cable access show or hairy-assed back to draw from, so you'll have to use some creativity. What nickname and catchphrase would you like to use to launch your campaign? I will help you get it started through the viral power of Internet meme.

Also, is it true that the song Faceless is about your and Mike's child murdering hobby?


Greg's response:
After much thought I've come up with the cool nickname "Bareback" because I'm less hairy than Mike and my catch phrase will be "I'm a bottom" because I play the bass. I think I'll have way more fans and get out of that jerk Mike's shadow.

I'm 19, I graduated high school and I've already dropped out of two colleges. I'm thinking of taking a year long computer networking course..but I'm not sure. Tell me, what should I do with my life?

Greg's response:
Quit fuckin around! If you really want an education buckle down and study. Get the shit done. There will be plenty of time to do whatever it was that made you drop out after you graduate. You're young. Take it from an old piece of crap like me. If you don't go back to school get a great job, save up and move out. Kick back and enjoy your new pad. Invite the ladies over and impress them with your freedom. Then, breakdance!
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