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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Money, That's What I Want

Dude sup, I just entered college and a pal and me want to form a band, we
don't have a lot of money to buy a drum kit and some gear for my pal's
guitar and we can't get a job 'cuz this friggin school kicks our asses so
badly, do you have any advice for how getting money and starting our band?

PD: We mean to do a Thrash Metal band, so that you know.
Greg responds:

Wow. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're an english major. Here's the deal. When I went to college I was in two bands and  worked two jobs. My family and friends rarely saw me because I was always working, studying or practicing. If you really want a band then find any way, that's legal, to get the money. Start looking in local music stores for deals or the want ads. Keep your ear to the ground for deals and good luck.


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