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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: I Put A Hex On You, Because You're Mine

Alright so here we go,  Im the drummer in a band called HeXzus and we just had recent problems with are vocalist.  He was never sober or anything for a while and always refused everyones help in the band.  So we kicked him out and we've reached a dilema with our bassist.  He did vocals for the 2 remaining shows we had and everyone when nuts when he was on the mic.  But he doesn't know if he wants to do vocals or bass.  What would your advice be on this.
Advice by Greg:
Kyle, this is an easy one. We all know singers get all the credit/girls/and fame even though they do none of the work so, tell your bass player he's crazy if he doesn't take over on vocals. As for finding a bassist, that's cake. I'm a bassist myself and the instrument is so easy to play that even a girl can do it. I'm usually barely even awake when I'm onstage. You can sucker anyone into playing bass even if they've never played an instrument before. Just tell them they get to be in a band and all the have to do is ride the low E and hit all the stops. That's what I do. Good luck in the future and if you don't like the advice please don't put a HeXzus on me.

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