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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Hairless Down Under

This might sound like a stupid fucking question, but it's causing me an ass
load of grief. For the past 6 months I've been trying to grow my hair to a
respectable metal length, but it seems perpetually stuck at this retarded
emo length which, though (at least some of) the ladies seem to love it, is
really pissing me off. My band (Smile, from Sydney, Australia – – awesome plug…) wants me to grow it long,
because they've all got short hair and it would make us look way more metal
if someone had long hair, but frankly I think they're just being gaytarded.
Really, who gives a shit how long it is? On the other hand, this may be the
last opportunity I have to grow it long before I leave university and enter
the real world. I've tried wearing a hat all the time until I'm through this
seemingly obligatory stage of hair-length, but it just curls up at the back
and looks like I'm sporting an outstanding mullet- all business up front,
but a party at the back. So what do you think- should I cut it off, or
venture on courageously towards true metaldom?Hail Satan,
Greg's response:
Sydney huh? Brutal. I love Nick Cave and Portia de Rossi. Here's the deal Jim, who are you doing this for? If you are totally pumped to have long hair so you can head bang, inhale a clump of hair and choke to death or just not be able to see what you're playing then cool, grow away. If you're doing it because your band mates tell you it'll look more metal then lame. Metal isn't about who's hairier. It's about who can crush more with their music. It should'nt be about image, just ask Aiden or My Chemical Romance, I'm sure they'd agree. Growing your hair out or slapping on make-up might work to sell a few more records but after a while kids will grow tired of your "image" and focus on your music. If the music isn't there then you're done. Impress a crowd with your tunes and they'll be with you forever, impress them with your hair and they'll eventually find someone with floweyer locks than you. I think I just invented the word floweyer. I can't spell to save my life. I wish this site had an editor that corrected all the mistakes I've made gramatically and the ones I've made with my life. Keep it real Jim.
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