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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Greg answers questions about rogaine, black shirts, recording, the bass and more

Ask Me...I'm Right

Hey there people. I'm back and it's time for more questions and answers. Hopefully my advice will take you on a journey to a far off land and we'll never hear from you again.

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If I rub rogaine on my face will I prodice a tight ass beard like yours?

Greg's response:
Maybe. You could always take the existing hair from your "tight ass" and transfer it to your face. Your beard might smell like shit but at least you'll look cool.

is my band any good??????
stupid question……… of course we are good!

Greg's response:
No, you are not good. I didn't even go the myspace page but I did put up the link so everyone else can rip you apart for being such a noodle head.

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dearest greg… balazs from buda fukken pest here. i have a major problem. ok. i have lots of them, but one of them you can help, the other problems need medication… i have 665 friends on myspace. would you be so kind to go to and add me, and being my 666th friend?

Greg's response:
Balazs, you are my hero. If I had a myspace account I would be all 666 of you friends. That's how much I love you, see in Dec.

Hey Greg,names John.  Trying to get a project off the ground.Weve come to a couple conclusions…we could..
1: Save and buy the means to mix and produce our own album/merch or…
2:Pay money for it to be recorded and mixed by a known name(like eric rutan)and shop for labels after a round of venues.
I think the former holds more value,while it may be pricier.It would also make show a higher return I think.
Your thoughts?

thanks again,

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Greg's response:
If you have the money then definitely go to a credible studio and have you record done there. If there is any return to get it will be quicker that way. Remember this: no one buys records anymore so if you get signed, even if you have a self-funded record, you'll owe the label for advertising and pressing the record and a slew of other stuff. Focus on having great merch designs and getting on great tours. A credible studio that is reasonably priced is Jonny Fay's studio. It called back yard studios. Look it up.

So, I'm 100% metal, right? And I bought this band shirt (Anaal Nathrakh) but it's red, not black. Should I still wear it? Only black shirts are metal.
ps In a beard fight between you and Kerry King, who would win?

Greg's response:
A red shirt? A red fucking shirt? You make me sick! You call yourself metal and you willingly bought a red shirt? I banish you to heaven! You are no heathen sir. Go form a boy band. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything but a black shirt. I would win in a beard fight because my face is like a brillo pad. He'd win in a stupid head tattoo fight.

ive recently had the urge to get into music and wanna play bass b/c i have some friends that play guitar and my bro plays we decided it would be really cool to get a band going. so i was wondering, seein as u do play bass, if there is any advice, as a bassist and as someone that is in a band and knows the whole touring aspect of life and production, that u could give me and my friends?

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Greg's response:
You sound very enthusiastic about this and that is good. My advice is to not worry too much yet about touring or production. You should work long and hard at writing songs and learning your instrument. There has to be someone you know who can play guitar or bass that can give you the basics. If not grab a bass book and study it all the time. After that you should worry about recording and touring. Good luck and have fun with it.

Do you need advice and just don’t know where to turn? Greg Weeks is there for you. Send your questions to [email protected]

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