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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: God What A Racket

I was at Sounds of the Underground a few months ago and after GWAR had finished I was awed, I mean how in the fuck do you go after a band that just killing a fucking 12 foot tall T-Rex on stage. Do you have any crazy tricks (Magic maybe… you do look like a wizard) to out do them?- Jesse

Greg's response:
There is no outplaying GWAR. We have however come up with some new stage moves. We now eat tons of sea food and vomit on the audience in between songs. Gunface cuts off both his hands and bleeds on the front row and for the finale Guys head explodes spewing brains all over the kids that come out. It rules.
Gunface's guest response:
We also have a living tree-man who grows out of the stage and evaporates milk in tribute to the songs of old.
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