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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Gigantour

hey greg!
gigantour is finally comeing to aus and im goin to the brisbane show!! can
you give me advice on how to sneak backstage? or would dave M just boot my

oh yea andhow does one whos under 18 get some of the alchohol?…not that im
under 18…noooo ;)

Greg's response:

Whenever I hear the name Gigantour I think of the giant robot cartoon from Japan with the same name. The theme song ruled. So, you want to go see the tour that Mr. Mustaine said we were'nt good enough to be on. Well have fun. As for sneaking in I'd suggest hanging out by the will call box office. That's where family and friends go to retrieve their free tix and backstage passes. Some big tours give family and friends a backstage pass and a ticket but you only need one or the other to get in. Somehow convince a relative of Megadeth to give you the ticket they don't need and then enjoy the show. I'm sure this will go off without a hitch. As for the booze, just steal from the backstage area once you get past the security. I hear that Dave's dry these days so I'm sure he'll let you go to town on his portion.


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